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Galentine’s Day Get Together Spots: Dallas

The month of February is always hyped up for being the month for lovers. Stores are full of chocolates and teddy bears, while social media timelines show off pictures of extravagant dates and #relationshipgoals. With all this going on, you’d think there was no room for people not in exclusive romantic relationships. But thanks to the magnificence that is Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation, Galentine’s Day has made room for all of us to feel loved and appreciated!

Galentine’s Day, celebrated on February 13th, is meant for women to celebrate and enjoy the company of each other.

Like Valentine’s Day, there is no definite way to celebrate. However if you need a space to get the festivities going, we’ve got you covered! Check out our top picks below.

Studio Bella’s Boutique Studio Rental 

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sb 6

Sixty Five Hundred

Top Event Venues in Dallas Available on
sixtyfivehundred 1

Wax Space Event Space

Wax Space 3
Wax Space 2

Large Home for Groups

large home 1
large home 4
large home 2

Event Space

Event Space
Event Space 3
event space 4

Studio 34 Seven

S347 - 1

Heart of Fairmont Home

Galentine's Day Venues - AVVAY Blog

Midlothian Modern


The 4 Eleven Garden Patio

Galentine's Day Venues -

White O’Hara Studio

Galentine's Day Venues - AVVAY Blog
Galentine's Day Venues - AVVAY Blog
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