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5 Unique Holiday Party Venues in Dallas

It’s that time of year again and we hope that you’re planning up something amazing to celebrate! In honor of whatever you’re getting together, we’ve created a list of great Dallas spaces for you to choose from. All of them offer unique versatility to fit your holiday needs. Whether it be a party, performance, or a potluck, we’re sure these options will deck your holiday halls out in style.

Wax Space

A co-working and event space in Oak Cliff, Wax Space is the epitome of versatile. It’s an easy access location with plenty of room for whatever you’re dreaming of. The space gives off an abstract, industrial theme with a significant amount of natural light. Dressing this place up with decorations could create your ideal Christmas or Kwanzaa for the cool kids.

Wax Space 3
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Studio 34 Seven

An AVVAY fan favorite, Studio 34 seven is a great space to make some holiday magic come to life. The inside offers an industrial feel with a variety of textured walls to accent your vision. It’s structural versatility offers numerous photographic locations that can turn documenting your event into a fun time.

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Sixty Five Hundred

Sixty Five Hundred gives you easy access to a new aged elegance. It’s creamy white interior gives the perfect setting to make your own winter wonderland. This completely refurbished General Electric warehouse gives modern industrial feel that can complete any holiday arrangement with class. This space could be great for a modest New Years celebration.

Sixty Five Hundred
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Event Space

Event Space in Dallas is where the party’s at! This space is ideal for anything huge and is very budget friendly. With a stage, speakers, DJ equipment, and colorful lights on request, Event Space sounds like the best venue for some extreme caroling and cocoa.

Event Space
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Seven for Parties

Described as the most unique and flexible event space in Dallas, Seven for Parties is sure to fit whatever you need to celebrate your holiday. This venue is purposely all white so that you can transform it into whatever you’re dreaming of! The type of versatility offered here is  amazing, making it suitable for any celebration from Hanukkah to St. Nicholas Day.

seven for parties

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If you’re needing some inspiration for your celebrations, check out our holiday mood board!

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